BBQ Chicken

The first fundraiser that we usually have is our BBQ Chicken. We sell plates to go and they have BBQ chicken (of course) along with some sides and a dessert. The proceeds go toward our Sunday School and Tuition Assistance programs. Both of these programs help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our youngest generations so they may know their Savior as well.

Mother's Day Picnic

This is our biggest fundraiser all year and so there is a lot going on. To start we have church in the Pavilion outside at 10 A.M. Then after that is over we start selling BBQ, (Brisket, Chicken halves, Sausage and Pork Steaks) along with Wendish Noodles, Potato Salad and BBQ Sauce. There are also homemade desserts for sale. But wait there's more, during this time a silent auction is taking place. After all the lunch food has been sold (and eaten) we have a Polka band come and play for everyone's enjoyment. But still the fun is not over, in the afternoon we hold a live auction, and both the Beer and the Hamburger Stands are open. This multifaceted goes to support all the different aspects of the church, from the general operating fund, to Sunday School and Tuition Assistance programs and even the LWML.  

Fried Chicken

Trunk or Treat

Around Halloween we hold a Trunk or Treat for the children of the church and the area. We have food and games for kids of all ages along with a hayride. And there is, of course, Trick or Treating for the children. There is also a silent auction that happens at the same time.

Turkey Supper

On the first Friday of November, we sell turkey suppers with all the fixings. It's a great chance to get into the Thanksgiving spirit and to eat your fill of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans and more. Make sure you get here early because we always sell out and you don't want to miss out on  this great meal.