5th Sunday Services

On any month that has 5 Sundays we have started having services that include a lot of reading from the Bible. There is less liturgy than normal and around the same amount of hymns. Doing this slightly different service allows us to look at bigger sections of the Bible at once. Our first series that is bellow is an in depth look at St. Paul's Mission Trips. Each Sunday has many readings and three mini sermons about what we are reading. We hope that you enjoy this little bit different type of service and can join us for the next one.

The Book of Ruth


What Makes Peter, James and John So Special?


Sola Scriptura, Sola Fida, Sola Gratia


The Ten Plagues


The Jerusalem Council and Paul's Second Mission Trip


Paul's Third Mission Trip, Arrest and Trial before the High Council


Paul's Roman Trial and Trip to Rome